LINELAB assists clients go to market and grow online businesses using UX and lean start-up principles as the driver to evaluate product market fit, understand customers and build strategy.

We partner to implement effective metrics and systems that target value creation and build intelligence for analysis. Our analysis is the foundation for co-creation of effective digital products and services that delight the customer. We use design-thinking and lean start-up methodology to link action and insight real-time with the customer at the core. This provides agility in insights to help drive strategic direction in rapidly changing digital markets.

About the founder

Dane Ash holds an Executive MBA from the AGSM @ UNSW Business School and has a strong record of delivering successful end-to-end products to market. With over ten years experience in creative, telecommunication, government and professional services industries, his experience combined with a passionate and creative problem solving ability is foundation for LINELAB’s unique approach to creating value for clients.

Dane Ash has a strong design aesthetic and creative roots in the arts that drive him as a creative thinker and business strategist. Dane has been instrumental in the transformation of Sydney’s Chippendale as a creative hub which spanned 6 years and multiple culturally significant projects that changed the landscape of the area.

He is lead designer and director at LINELAB and is passionate about developing customer centered strategies, strengthening brands and re-inventing how value is delivered.