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understand customers

with user experience metrics and analysis

We partner with start-ups and companies seeking to drive change through new digital products and experiences and assist them to define and examine new businesses with a customer centered lens.

Our programs engage executives and team members to empower the development process and apply methodology to achieve product market fit and progress to traction and profitability.

With design thinking at the core of our service offering, we apply lean start-up principles and prototype each component of the user experience to meet customer needs and align with business goals.

Value Proposition Evaluation
We define and examine assumptions in the existing business model by engaging with existing and potential customers to validate their wants and needs.
Marketing and Analysis
We use results based analysis and pin-point digital marketing techniques to measure and learn about your customer and the value they seek, any potential opportunities and the influences that drive their decision making.
User Experience Analysis
We setup metrics and systems across the customer journey and sales funnel to measure efficiency and better understand customer pain points and improve the experience and overall offering.