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design experiences

to be customer centric

We partner with digital teams to assess alignment of products and services, analyze customer needs and implement effective metrics and systems across the customer journey to create value. We analyze data collected, build intelligence and offer solid recommendations for future value creation.

A thorough analysis allows an informed strategic lens to align value delivery with customer needs and build a success model that can provide a platform for re-investment into the user experience.

We ensure recommendations are reflected in both front facing and back facing business components and develop flexibility into design to ensure sustainable services that can handle high growth periods and shifts in the market for responsiveness. In doing so we always design with the input from the customer and end users as priority.

To ensure performance, the products and services we develop are monitored and optimised across unified systems and processes to unlock potential value.

Omni-Channel Design
LINELAB designs multiple channels and customer touch-points to create a seamless experience for the customer and improve the performance of sales funnels and lead generation.
App Design and Development
We consult, conceptualise, prototype and develop applications and user experiences in collaboration with your team.